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ACE Guaranteed - FAQs

What is Reanimation?

Reanimationis a CRM hygiene and re-marketing program that only targets your junk data – the dead/lost/unsold and otherwise inactive leads that build up year-over-year. Reanimation does NOT market to your active CRM prospects or interfere with drip campaigns.

How is this different from other programs I already have working with our CRM?

We are not targeting any of the active CRM prospects or DMS customers you’re currently marketing to or working with.  We focus strictly on the Dirty Data and the Dead, Inactive, Lost, Unsold, Missed Opportunities. Reanimation only targets the forgotten trash to convert them into sales.

What can I expect from this program?

Depending on the size of your junk data file, you can expect anywhere from 10 to 50 incremental sales; plus an influx of new visitors to your dealership’s website.

Why does the program work so well?

Reanimation uses algorithms specially designed to clean and ping your junk data to our proprietary data base, which is compiled from over 100,000 on-line and offline sources and is updated daily. We have a universe of more than 2.76 Billion global records.

Will I get the data back after it has been hygiened?

No. Unfortunately, that would violate PII regulations.  We’re using opt-in permissions from consumers that have opted in to our internal network. Those permissions cannot be turned over to other parties. In almost every case, we are contacting them through an email address that you did not have in your system.  PII laws prohibit us from distributing.

What is the best way to push my data?

You can export the data to a CSV or Excel file and either email or FTP the file to us.

What is conquest?

Conquest drives a steady stream of new traffic to your virtual showroom, putting your product and offers in front of buyers at the beginning of their decision-making process. We target in-market shoppers who have never done business with your dealership, or have not bought a car from your dealership in at least 5 years, or received service in at least 2 years, or even been in your showroom in the past 60 days.

How do guarantees work?

We offer two types of guarantees. The hard guarantee pays a pro-rated refund in the campaign falls short of the goal. The soft guarantee continues to deploy on our dime if the campaign falls short of the goal-until the goal is met.

How big is a territory and is it exclusive?

Territory size depends on how far we have to go out for enough data to meet the conquest guarantee. In metro areas, it’s usually no larger than a 10-mile radius. In rural areas, it can become much larger. Dealerships territories are exclusive by brand.

How do you get DMS and CRM data?

Most dealerships grant us VPN or TeamViewer access to their DMS systems, and we simply pull the data as needed for suppression and to produce sales match reports. Dealerships that do not want to grant access simply push the data to us either by email, or send it via FTP. Dealerships simply export the CRM data and email it to us – or send it via FTP. Dealerships can also upload DMS and CRM files to their exclusive sites in the ACE portal. ACE carries a $1-million cyber liability policy, and is happy to provide data privacy agreement. We are trusted by some of the nation’s largest dealership groups to work with their data.

Who is ACE Guaranteed?

ACE Guaranteed is a permission based data compiler and technology company that develops and provides digital solutions that conquest, retain, and reanimate retail automotive consumers. We have access to an international network of collections servers, cross registration agreements, promotional and informational site exchanges, and behavioral engagement monitors to create, append, and update its millions of unique digital fingerprints. 

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